DTCC’s Roadmap to SSI Automation

DTCC’s Roadmap to SSI Automation

One of the biggest pain points for back and middle offices dealing with trade exceptions is missing or incomplete Standing Settlement Instructions (SSIs), as SSIs represent a significant proportion of trade failures. Not only is human error often a factor in causing an SSI-related fail, manual processes exacerbate the cost of remedying the situation, too.

Automation via a centralized SSI utility unlocks multiple benefits for the industry, including cost savings, data quality and timeliness. Download DTCC's white paper – The Roadmap to Automation – to learn how automating SSI data can transform industry workflows for the better. 

Click here to download The Roadmap to Automation. 


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DTCC’s Roadmap to SSI Automation

DTCC's white paper – The Roadmap to Automation

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