Trading Brazil

Grand Hyatt, Sao Paulo , Brazil

10 Sep 2019


The event will bring together local and international representatives, covering the entire financial stack.

We invite you to participate in this conference to secure lasting business contacts. Complimentary places available to banks, brokers, funds, asset management firms, prop. traders and CTAs.
FOW Trading Brazil will provide the perfect settings for informal networking with delegates who could be your next clients.
With coffee breaks, lunch and a drinks reception, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to meet and connect with delegates from the region and international decision makers.


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08:15 Registration

09:00 Welcome address

09:05 Opening remarks

09:15 Regional Exchange leaders Panel

Senior figures from the major exchanges in the region (Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico) meet to discuss the key challenges and opportunities of trading the region.

  • How healthy is the trading landscape for the region?
  • What are the key opportunities and challenges?
  • What needs to be done to maximize the opportunities and mitigate the challenges?
  • Are regulatory changes required? What role can technology play?
  • How can the exchanges work together to boost trading in the region?
  • What will be the likely effect of the Brazilian political landscape on regulation?

10:00 Presentation

10:15 The outlook for Brazil’s equities market

Brazil’s equities market is trading near an all-time high but it has only a fraction of the listings of countries such as India or China.

  • What needs to happen to encourage greater adoption of the equities markets?
  • What are the necessary regulatory changes? What are the requisite technological enhancements?
  • What role can education play in increasing the adoption of the equities markets?

10:55 Coffee break

11:25 Presentation

11:40 Commodities Panel

Brazil has established itself as one of the world’s top importer and exporter of commodities so what are the outlooks for the key commodity classes?

  • What are the latest developments in iron ore production and how will they affect the traded market?
  • What is the status of Brazilian crude oil production and what is the outlook for this asset class going forward?
  • Brazil is also a market leader in Coffee, grains such as Soybeans and Corn as well as Sugar – what are the key initiatives in these commodity classes and what
    are the key issues going forward?
  • How should Brazil approach China to promote increased cross-border trade between the countries?


12:20 Lunch

13:20 Product Diversification in Brazil

Brazil has established equities and futures markets but what are the prospects in some other asset classes?

  • What are the prospects for options and what are the main opportunities and challenges facing the Brazilian options market?
  • What is the state of the onshore exchange-traded fund market and what needs to happen to see this market move forward?
  • What other asset classes are interesting for onshore participants?
  • What are the opportunities for Brazil to adopt innovative products such as flexible exchange option or non-standardised execution techniques?

14:05 Technology and emerging markets

Technology can play a huge role in the faster evolution of emerging markets but where and what technologies can be deployed to greatest effect?

  • Given the current state of the Brazilian market, what are the key technological initiatives in the country?
  • What advantages will these initiatives bring and how will they change the market dynamics?
  • What are some of the future initiatives that the panelists would like to see?

14:45 Close of conference & drinks reception



Grand Hyatt

Address: Av. das Nações Unidas, 13301 
Itaim Bibi, São Paulo - SP, 04578-000, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 2838-1234