DW Asia 2019

Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, Hong Kong

03 Apr 2019

DW Asia 2019

FOW is back in Hong Kong for the 7th year of its long running flagship Asia event.

This year we continue with the format introduced in 2018,  with the afternoon session containing two streams: International and China. DW Asia brings together around 600 delegates from the local, regional and international derivatives markets for a day of discussion and debate on the major issues in the market today. The derivatives-focused conference brings together leading experts from the best asset managers, hedge funds, prop trading firms, market-makers, brokers, banks and exchanges in Asia, Europe and further afield to discuss the main issues, opportunities and challenges facing the industry today.


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8:00 Registration desk opens


9:00 Opening Remark


9:10 Welcome Remark


9:30 Keynote Speech


9:50 Managing risk and liquidity through asset allocation in the current economic climate

The key international markets have been especially volatile in the past 18 months, which poses both opportunities and threats to investors/traders, but what strategies can be adopted to ensure firms profit rather than lose out in periods of volatility?

What are the key economic and geopolitical risks in 2019 and how will they affect different asset classes?
What strategies will ensure your firm benefits from market turbulence in 2019?
What about short-term vs long-term, active vs passive or Mutual fund vs ETF vs Futures?
What are the growth opportunities in Asia/China?


10:30 Refreshment Break


11:00 Presentation


11:10 Phases of China inclusions: impact on equity and FICC

The vast domestic Chinese market has continued its gradual opening up to non-Chinese investment firms but there are various initiatives underway.

What will be the impact of the inclusion of China A share in global equity indexes?
What might be the impact of the inclusion of China government and policy bank bonds in global bond indexes?
How are the various stock connect and bond connect initiatives progressing?

12:00 Regulatory and clearing challenges for exchange-traded and cleared derivatives industry

The world’s top regulators have been trying to force firms to clear more products to reduce the risk of counterparty default and increase transparency. Clearing is more common now than it was 10 years ago yet the increased adoption of clearing has introduced new challenges.

How have margin processing and trade reporting requirements changed under the new regime?
What is the impact of the new clearing regime on the market structure?
What opportunities are there around new services such as swaps futures trading or OTC clearing for example?


12:50 lunch


Asia Stream (Concurrently with China Stream)

14:00 Presentation


14:10 Options in and on Asia

Recently, more Asian firms have been trading options to manage market volatility, and more options products have been developed in Asia. China has been rightly cautious to support the trading of options contracts but recent launches are accelerating the pace of innovation.

How are Asia/Chinese market participants trading options products?
What are the opportunities for volatility indices like VIX, index options, single stock options, volatility swap and volatility funds?
What are potentially the most interesting market-making and trading strategies for firms as they look at trading Asia/Chinese options?


14:55 Commodities in Asia

Many of the key commodities saw periods of extreme trading volatility in 2018 and this sector will continue to be heavily traded in 2019.

What will be the star commodities in 2019 - energy, metals, agricultural products?
How will demand change and what product innovation might we see?
What does China’s increasing importance in global commodities markets mean for global benchmarks?

15:40 Refreshment break

16:10 Fintech innovations
1) Distributed ledger technology and tokenization: the acceptance/possibility within the
financial community

Distributed ledger technology could have the potential to overhaul vast swathes of the financial markets and most of the world’s top banks and exchanges are investing in the technology.

What are the possible applications of DLT solutions in post-trade settlement?
How does tokenization work?
How can DLT transform the existing trading and clearing ecosystems?

2) Artificial Intelligence and the future of trading

Artificial Intelligence is attracting lots of investment from trading and investment firms keen to understand the technology’s potential.

What are the key areas that AI is being deployed?
How can AI change how firms trade?
How can AI counter market abuse?


16:50 Key/emerging markets in Asia

Asia remains the most interesting and attractive region for futures traders but what are the key trends in the region?

-What are the key growth markets in Asia?
-What are the recent initiatives in these markets?
-What opportunities for international players?



China Stream (Concurrently with Asia Stream)

14:00 Presentation


14:10 Chinese derivatives and capital market development

Chinese exchanges and other financial institutions have been undertaking various initiatives to protect the integrity of their domestic market while looking to attract international investors.

What are the key initiatives being undertaken by the various domestic Chinese exchanges?
What do Chinese FCMs think about the work being undertaken by their exchanges?
What do international firms think about the initiatives underway at Chinese capital market?


15:00 Changing foreign investment landscape in China

Non-Chinese investors have for years been trying to find the best ways of accessing the largest domestic Chinese markets. What are the latest developments that non-Chinese firms need to be aware of?

What are the latest developments with asset management licenses for foreign entity in China?
What are the pros and cons of the various channels e.g. QDLP, PFM, QFII/RQFII, Connect?
What are the latest developments around foreign control of securities/futures firm in China?


15:40 Refreshment break


16:10 Internationalization of China’s futures contracts

China took a giant step in the international derivatives market when Shanghai launched in 2018 its crude oil contract, which should pave the way for other internationally-focused products

How are the various international contracts performing and what changes are planned?
What are the implications of the new contracts for RMB internationalization?
What are the connectivity options to China for international investors?


16:50 New China access schemes - bridging onshore and offshore investors

China has adopted an innovative approach to international access with its various Connect initiatives.

What is the latest on the Shanghai-London Stock Connect?
Will the ETF cross listings be launched soon?
What will be the other possible new initiatives and impact on market?


17:30 End of conference










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