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09 Oct 2018



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This well-established and the region’s premier derivatives event expanded to include equities in 2017 and is continuing to grow its relevance as a truly regional event. The event brings together key figures within the CEE region and wider Europe. It is a great event for anyone looking to expand its reach in this fast growing region. 

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Networking Reception

The Warsaw Stock Exchange invites you to join the annual Networking Reception on the 8th of October, 2018. The reception will be held at the WSE Headquarters.  The address is 4 Książęca St.

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08:15 Registration and Welcome Coffee Break

09:00 Welcome Address
Luke Jeffs, Managing Editor, Global Investor Group

09:05 Keynote
Marek Dietl, President of the Management Board, Warsaw Stock Exchange

09:15 Exchange leaders panel

Volatility returned to global capital markets in 2018 following years of suppressed trading activity. This poses an opportunity for traders in the CEE but also a challenge as currencies become more volatile and the need to hedge risk exposures grows. For exchanges, it is an opportunity to innovate and launch new products to capitalise on the increased trading activity. The Central and Eastern European region is dominated by national exchanges, which also brings together the opportunity to co-operate to launch initiatives and deals that strengthen the region.

- How have recent market conditions impacted regional exchanges? 

- What are the opportunities for the Central European exchanges to work together more closely to attract investment into the region?

- What work is underway and what specific areas are being addressed?

- What are the obstacles to growth across the CEE? What can be done to tackle these?


Peter Niklewicz, Board Advisor, WSE


Richard Vegh, CEO, Budapest Stock Exchange

Marek Dietl, President of the Management Board, Warsaw Stock Exchange

Peter Kubricky, CEO, Bratislava Stock Exchange


10:00 Coffee break 

10:30 Saxo Bank presentation: How Fintech “bricks” can build next generation of robo advisors and investor platform

Simon Fasdal, Head of Fixed Income, Saxo Bank 

10:50 Trends in asset management

The asset management industry is under pressure from digital disruption, regulatory reform, changing investor habits and rising infrastructure costs. However, the pioneers of the industry are embracing the change and turning the challenges into opportunities. This panel will look at how the industry is changing and what can be done now to adapt and future proof the business. 

- What is driving the consolidation in the asset management market today? 

- What opportunities are there for asset managers in the ETF market? 

- Where are the major opportunities to increase efficiency for asset managers today?

- How can asset managers utilize securities lending and borrowing to increase yields?


Paweł Homiński, CIO, Noble Funds


Nicola Yankov, Partner, Expat Capital

Radosław Sosna, Portfolio Manager, NN Investment Partners TFI

Dorcas Phillips, Director, ETFs, Fidelity

Simon Fasdal, Head of Fixed Income, Saxo Bank 

11:35 The future of trading CEE: capitalising on recent growth and Brexit

Central and Eastern Europe has come a long way over the past two decades and is well poised for future growth. Initiatives continue to launch to introduce and grow liquidity in more local products and boost the strength of regional trading and institutional investment businesses. Brexit provides the opportunity to capture a larger share of the European financial markets and grow local markets but how can the region capitalise on that?

- How can CEE’s exchanges attract more IPOs to the primary cash market?

- What actions can be taken by exchanges to make their markets more accessible? Incentive schemes and other high volume programs?

- High-frequency traders need super-fast access so what are the exchanges doing on the technological side to attract these key liquidity providers?

- How can CEE capitalise on Brexit? 


Anton Imre, Director, Gray Fox Consulting


Maciej Biskup, COO, Global BD Trading

Bartosz Swidzinski, Head of Business Development, Erste Group Poland

Petar Atanasov, BAC Securities

Tomasz Kwiatek, Managing Director for Poland, OSTC 

12:20 Lunch

13:10 Blockchain and technology innovation in capital markets: how to use new technologies in capital markets

The emergence of distributed ledger technology (DLT), including cryptographically secured blockchain, presents an opportunity for financial institutions and their clients to improve the efficiency of business processes and develop new services. New opportunities lead to new questions. Our experts will discuss the future of blockchain solutions on the capital market including looking at eVoting based on the blockchain technology, which will soon be launched in the market:

- How will blockchain technology change financial markets? 

- What are the challenges to implementation of DLT - legal, taxation, data protection etc? 

- What products are coming to market using new technologies? 


Slawomir Panasiuk, Vice President of the Management Board, KDPW


Piotr Kozłowski,Head of Brokerage House, Pekao

Marcin Zaniewicz, Business Consultant, Asseco

Izabela Olszewska, Vice President, Warsaw Stock Exchange

13:55 Mifid Nine months on

The second wave of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive went live across Europe in January. How was adoption in central and Eastern Europe? How have behaviours changed? What opportunities does this present to firms? What still needs to be done? Mifid 2’s effect on equities research? Dark pools or systematic internalisers are a key feature of trading in other European countries, what are the barriers to their establishment in Poland?

• Research unbundling on buy/sell sides
• Are local brokers at a disadvantage to their international counterparts?
• Have all regulations stemming from MiFID 2 been implemented across the region?
• Can new technologies support regulatory changes?


Luke Jeffs, Managing editor, Global Investor Group


Carolyn Jackson, Partner, Katten

Pawel Szczepański, Head of Sales&Trading, Trigon

Gaveeka Fernando, MiFID Regulatory Reporting Consultant

14:40 Coffee Break

15:00 What is the future of Euro-Clearing?

Brexit has thrown into doubt the swaps clearing business. London-based LCH is the dominant swaps clearing house but the UK’s decision to leave the European Union has prompted leading Europeans to demand that the clearing of Euro-denominated swaps is relocated after Brexit into the European Union and under the jurisdiction of the European Central Bank. Similarly, other jurisdictions are looking to see if the possible fracturing of LCH’s swaps clearing dominance presents an opportunity for them.

- How does Brexit change the European swaps clearing business?

- What does the lowering basis between LCH and Eurex mean for those and other clearing houses in the region?

- What could other clearing houses learn from Eurex’s push in swaps clearing?

- What are the implications of swaps clearing fragmenting? What is the European swaps clearing industry going to look like in five years?


Louisa Chender, Derivatives Editor, FOW


Jamie Gavin, Head of OTC Clearing EMEA & APAC, Société Générale

Nick Chaudhry, Head of OTC Client Clearing, Commerzbank AG

Eva Haupt, Business Development - Fixed Income Derivatives, Eurex 

15:50 Discussion: Minimizing risk and maximizing returns

Why the world’s top asset managers utilize futures and options to minimize risk and maximize returns? A mature cash market should be complemented by a well-functioning derivatives market, can the CEE count on derivatives gaining popularity? Pros and Cons of each derivative instrument.

16:30 Networking reception

18:00 End of the conference

Marek Dietl, President of the Management Board, Warsaw Stock Exchange

Peter Kubricky, CEO, Bratislava Stock Exchange

Richard Vegh, CEO, Budapest Stock Exchange

Simon Fasdal, Head of Fixed Income, Saxo Bank 

Tomasz Kwiatek, Managing Director for Poland, OSTC

Carolyn Jackson,  Partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman UK LLP

Eva Haupt, Business Development - Fixed Income Derivatives, Eurex 

Luke Jeffs, Managing Editor, Global Investor Group

Peter Niklewicz, Board Advisor, WSE

Nicola Yankov, Partner, Expat Capital

Radosław Sosna, Portfolio Manager, NN Investment Partners TFI

Anton Imre, Managing Partner, Gray Fox Consulting

Maciej Biskup, COO, Global BD Trading

Bartosz Swidzinski, Head of Business Development, Erste Group Poland

Petar Atanasov, Vice President, BAC Securities

Slawomir Panasiuk, Vice President of the Management Board, KDPW

Piotr Kozłowski, Head of Brokerage House, Pekao

Marcin Zaniewicz, Business Consultant, Asseco

Pawel Szczepański, Head of Sales & Trading, Trigon

Jamie Gavin, Head of OTC Clearing EMEA & APAC, Société Générale

Nick Chaudhry, Head of OTC Client Clearing, Commerzbank AG

Izabel Olszewska, Vice President, Warsaw Stock Exchange

Gaveeka Fernando, MiFID Regulatory Reporting Consultant

Event Partner



Warsaw Stock Exchange




The Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) is one of the fastest growing securities exchanges in Central and Eastern Europe. Almost 1,000 foreign and domestic issuers list on the GPW. The Warsaw Stock Exchange operates a regulated market for equities and derivatives, as well as NewConnect, a multilateral trading facility dedicated to small and medium enterprises.

GPW is also developing Catalyst, a market for corporate and municipal bond issuers. The Polish Power Exchange (POLPX), a member of the GPW Capital Group since February 2012, offers trade in electricity, natural gas, property rights, guarantees of origin and CO2 emission allowances. Since 9 November 2010, GPW is a publicly traded company listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange. With over 25 years of modern-era experience, GPW is one of the most recognizable Polish financial institutions. For more information, visit







KDPW, The Central Securities Depository of Poland, is a part of a vibrant group of companies which offer specialty services for the financial sector including the operation of
a depository of dematerialised securities, the registration of financial instruments, the clearing and settlement of transactions on a number of markets, intermediation in payments to security holders, as well as data collection and maintenance.

The Group includes the central securities depository KDPW and the clearing house KDPW_CCP.
The core activities of the KDPW Group focus on growth and the development of an integrated portfolio of post-trade services and added-value services based on innovative technologies. The Polish CSD provides a number of services for issuers including intermediation in the payment of dividends to shareholders, the assimilation, exchange, conversion, and split of shares, and the exercise of subscription rights. KDPW operates the trade repository KDPW_TR and the Numbering Agency which issues ISIN, FISN, CFI and LEI codes.

KDPW_CCP is a central counterparty clearing house responsible for the clearing of transactions on the regulated market and in alternative clearing systems and for the operation of a clearing guarantee system. KDPW_CCP is authorised for PLN and EUR clearing under EU legislation and clears trade using a number of mechanisms which systemically mitigate the risks of counterparty default.






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Eurex Exchange is the marketplace of choice for the global derivatives community. It offers a broad range of international benchmark products and operate the most liquid fixed income markets in the world with about 2,000 products across nine asset classes, featuring open and low-cost electronic access. With market participants connected from 700 locations worldwide, trading volume at Eurex exceeds 1.7 billion contracts a year. We offer a wide choice of equity-based contracts on indexes, single equities, ETFs, dividends and some of the world’s most liquid fixed income derivatives on one single platform. 
Eurex Clearing is one of the leading central counterparties globally, clearing the broadest scope of products under a single framework in Europe. It serves 176 Clearing Members in 17 countries, managing a collateral pool of EUR 50 billion and processing a gross risk valued at almost EUR 16 trillion every month.








Fidelity International provides world class investment solutions and retirement expertise to institutions, individuals and their advisers - to help our clients build better futures for themselves and generations to come. As a private company we think generationally and invest for the long term. Helping clients to save for retirement and other long-term investing objectives has been at the core of our business for nearly 50 years. We offer our own investment solutions and access to those of others, and deliver services relating to investing: For individual investors and their advisers we provide guidance to help them invest in a simple and cost effective way. For institutions including pension funds, banks and insurance companies we offer tailored investment solutions, consultancy, and full-service outsourcing of asset management to us. For employers we provide workplace pension administration services on top of, or independently from, investment management. We are responsible for total client assets of US$416.5 billion from 2.4 million clients across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and South America. (Data as at 30 June 2018).




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Saxo Bank Group (Saxo)  is a leading Fintech specialist focused on multi-asset trading and investment and delivering ‘Banking-as-a-Service’ to wholesale clients.

For 25 years, Saxo’s mission has been to democratize investment and trading, enabling clients by facilitating their seamless access to global capital markets through technology and expertise.

As a fully licensed and regulated bank, Saxo enables its direct clients to trade multiple asset classes across global financial markets from one single margin account and across multiple devices. Additionally, Saxo provides wholesale institutional clients such as banks and brokers with multi-asset execution, prime brokerage services and trading technology, supporting the full value chain delivering Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS).

Saxo’s award winning trading platforms are available in more than 20 languages and form the technology backbone of more than 100 financial institutions worldwide.

Founded in 1992 and launching its first online trading platform in 1998, Saxo Bank was a Fintech even before the term was created. Headquartered in Copenhagen Saxo Bank today employs more than 1500 people in financial centers around the world including London, Paris, Zurich, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The office serving clients in Central and Eastern Europe is located in Prague.



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CEE Business Media is a Poland-based business media group covering the CEE region, with specific focus on a few sectors: Capital Markets, Shared Services/Outsourcing, and foreign FDI investment into Poland. We connect buyers with vendors, and provide information, news, databases, and organize Awards events, which highlight the leaders in the sector and connect key players.
Our annual Awards events are:

• CEE Capital Markets Awards,
• CEE Shared Services Awards,
• USA-Europe Shared Services Summit,
• FDI Poland Investor Awards,



The Polish Press Agency




The Polish Press Agency (PAP) is the largest and oldest news agency in Poland with a tradition which dates back close to 100 years. With over 250 journalists and 40 photo reporters, the agency collects and compiles news and information which is used by leading media outlets in and outside of Poland, government institutions, financial institutions including investment banks and brokers, investors and entrepreneurs.

PAP Biznes is Poland’s largest and most comprehensive business and financial news service covering equity & financial markets, macroeconomic and policy issues and key company news. It is also the number one spot for top exclusive and market-moving news in Poland.
With close to 30 full-time journalists and editors and numerous correspondents throughout Poland and the CE region, PAP Biznes produces news items each business day through its flagship real-time Serwis Ekonomiczny and its English version, MarketInsider.



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