FOW Derivatives World London: The Debates 2018

Grange City Hotel, London, United Kingdom

04 Dec 2018


We end the year with our annual FOW Derivatives World London: The Debates. The event brings together over 200 people from the London derivatives markets to discuss the events over the past year and look ahead to 2018. The conference opens with an Oxford Style debate and brings new formats and angles to the issues of the day.


The agenda for this event will be published by September 5.

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9:00 Welcome address

9:10 Keynote address

9:30 Debate: Blockchain technology will revolutionise the derivatives market

10:10 Coffee break

10:40 The year that was and the year ahead

Leading market participants review the state of the industry at the end of 2018, identifying the key trends of 2018, what we will be talking about in 2019 and how you should best prepare for what looks likely to be a volatile year.
- How did the industry fare over 2018?
- What will be the key trends of 2019?
- What are the key launches planned for next year?
- Where will the volatility be in 2019?

11:10 Ted talk

11:20 Ted talk

11:30 10 years on: Where is the risk and are CCPs the new too big to fail?

10 years on from the financial crisis and the post crisis regulatory reforms are still underway. Risk has shifted but not dissipated and concerns are growing that CCPs have become the new too big to fail entities. At the same time, some trading activity is shifting out of banks and into the wider market creating risks outside of regulated market activity.
- Where is the risk in the market today?
- Are CCPs secure enough to withstand industry-wide credit risk contagion?
- What are the implications of the growth of hedge fund and electronic liquidity provider market intermediation?
- What will drive the next crisis?

12:20 Lunch

13:30 Exchange diversification: what do the recent moves mean for the market?

CME’s deal to acquire NEX follows in the footsteps of several similar deals by exchanges seeking to expand outside their core exchange traded derivatives activities. As the OTC and ETD markets continue to come closer together there will be more deals in this space. But what opportunities do the deal bring to the derivatives market and what does the exchange group of the future look like?
- What do recent exchange deals mean for the exchange business model?
- Where is likely to be the next area of investment for exchange groups?
- What benefits do recent deals bring to the ETD participants?
- Where is disruption to the current exchange model likely to come from?

14:15 Ted talk

14:25 Brexit – with three months to go, what do we know and what can you do?

Hopefully by the time of this event there will at least be some clarity on the future arrangements between the EU and the UK in financial services. At the time of writing the agenda the picture remains very confused. However, the next few months develops, this panel will ask where we are and what if anything firms can do to prepare.
- Has any progress been made on a post Brexit deal?
- What are the potential implications for the UK’s derivatives market?
- Where are the risks for firms in the market today?
- What on earth is going to happen?

15:10 Coffee break

15:40 How to trade a trade war

As global tensions over trade increase, FICC volatility looks likely to take centre stage in any upcoming trade war. The spectre of a trade war will create both opportunity and challenges. Any volatility resulting will be welcomed by traders, but firms need the right technology and operational infrastructure in place to trade fast moving markets across multiple asset classes.
- Which asset classes are likely to be most impacted by a trade war?
- Will a trade war lead to a crisis in emerging markets?
- Which markets are likely to be most volatile and how to trade them?
- Which specific commodities could be impacted by trade war and how?

16:20: The return of the rates business?

With interest rates going up again in the UK and the end of QE across the West the good times could be about to return to the rates market. This panel will look at whether the optimism is well founded and what has changed since the last time the market boomed.
- Are the good times back in the rates business?
- What does the return of interest rate uncertainty mean for the options markets?
- What has changed since the last solid rates market in terms of strategies?
- Will clearing members retain interest revenue on margin as before?

17:00 Drinks reception



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Grange City Hotel,
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