Sibos 2014

Sibos 2014

Some of the major strands this year are technology, compliance, market infrastructure, standards and innovation, with Swift’s Innotribe initiative giving market participants a taste of the cutting-edge developments that will no-doubt impact the future of finance.

There’s certainly lots to think about this year, everyone’s talking about the implementation of Target-2 Securities, Europe moving to T+2, further regulatory strains and advances and developments in technology.

Global Investor/ISF is covering all the news in the lead up to the conference and will be reporting at the event:


Regulatory risk no more about ability to comply:

Europe needs to gear up for T+2:

Big data is big business:

Securities services providers need new stratetgy:

CSDs encroaching on custodians:

TS2 opens doors for large custodians:

Collateral debate turns to solutions:

Data standards will simplify compliance:

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