Warsaw to launch UTP in Q2 2013

Warsaw to launch UTP in Q2 2013

Warsaw Stock Exchange has set the date to launch its Universal Trading Platform (UTP) of April 15 2013. The platform is set to accelarate its transaction system.

The new system, purchased from NYSE Technologies, will increase the amount of trading messages from 750 to 20,000 per second. It also offers a wider range of functionality and enables operation in new segments of the market dedicated to specific groups of products such as warrants and structured products, the exchange said.

In September this year, at the Global Investor/ISF CEE Securities Summit, Warsaw Stock Exchange CEO Ludwik Sobolewski commented on the development of the platform: “This technological transition is of strategic importance to the future of the Polish capital markets at least for the next 10 years and the foundations for this future will be laid by common efforts of the exchange and brokerage houses.”

At the same event, the head of market development at the exchange, Izabela Olszewska, told delegates that WSE was preparing the launch of Universal Trading Platform (UTP), which will allow the exchange to attract new types of investors and launch new products such as single stock options.

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