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  • Tri-party survey results

    The winner of the Global Investor/ISF tri-party survey was Clearstream, but BNY Mellon also came away with a significant share of the spoils

  • End of an era

    Former chief executive of ISLA, Kevin McNulty, reflects on seven eventful years for the industry during his tenure

  • Shifting to the centre

    Dave Simons reports on the continuing efforts to bring viable central-clearing solutions for US securities lending trades

  • EMIR not king

    Due to the hotchpotch fashion of its implementation EMIR has been bested by MiFID in internal budget battles, finds Ceri Jones

  • Sec finance industry “must move on” from div-arb trades

    Div-arb trades are being phased out before new rules are put in place

  • Missing links in the chain

    Blockchain has the potential to bring transparency, cost and security benefits to securities lending but it will take time to develop viable solutions. Andrew Neil reports

  • Fair shares

    Agent lenders have largely absorbed the increasing capital cost of running US securities lending programmes. The situation cannot continue indefinitely, finds Andrew Neil

  • Saudi reforms praised by US index provider

    UAE and Qatar are the only Gulf countries with indices included in the MSCI EM index

Thought Leaders

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Osman Raie, Managing Director and Senior Advisor - Saudi Equities

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